Winning customers' recognition and society's trust has always been the goal of Taishin Financial Holdings (Taishin). As a leading financial institution, Taishin recognizes the foundation of success is to maintain consistent and steady growth together with our customers through innovative and excel services.

At strategic level, based on the core values of "Integrity, Commitment, Innovation and Collaboration", Taishin is committed to strengthen its competitiveness through recruiting and providing extensive training for top-tier financial professionals, which will allow Taishin extend into Asia Pacific region given the improvement on cross-strait relations.

At operational level, Taishin is devoted to provide excellent services to our customers. Taishin recently launched a "3S" campaign ¡V they are "Simple, Sincere and Superior":
"Simple" ¡V let customers experience simple & convenient transaction processes.
"Sincere" ¡V think from customers' point of views and provide solutions with sincerity, even ahead of our customers.
"Superior" - satisfy customers' needs by providing professional and customized financial services & products.

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